Find the Root Cause of Your WordPress Website’s Slowness

  • Go beyond cold numbers.
    Get insider details about the root cause of the slowness. Is it image sizes? Perhaps JS and CSS issues? Maybe some server issues?
  • Uncover hidden details.
    Find out issues not easily discovered even if you have used GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • Get recommendations.
    Receive expert’s advice on the steps you can take to solve the issues slowing down your WordPress website.

Generate Your Report

Wait… Yet another “Speed Test” tool?

No, this is not another speed test tool like GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights.

What you get from the Free Audit is a detailed explanation done by a guy who has optimized on more than 800 WordPress websites.

If you have ever run Google PageSpeed Insights, you have seen metrics like FCP, LCP, CLS. You are likely seeing some kind of “scores” from GTmetrix and PageSpeed Insights.

But how do you even make sense of these metrics? And most importantly, how do these metrics translate into WordPress’s context?

Generic speed test tools are not enough.
What you need is a report that pinpoints the exact issues for you, and tell you the solutions.

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