Remove Unused JS Files

Trying to find out what JS files you can safely remove from your page(s) can often time be a time-consuming process if done manually, not to mention that this kind of manual process is error-prone.

This tool is specially written to automatically analyze your page to find out the JS files that you can safely remove from your page. With the tool, you can save countless hours otherwise needed on the manual process.

Depending on your overall website speed and the number of JS files your page consists of, the tool can take up to 10 minutes to run. But don’t worry, the tool is designed to run in the background, and you’ll receive an e-mail report once the tool has finished running.

Run A Quick Analysis

Take the guessing out of optimizing JS

Finding out which JS to exclude is often time a time-consuming process, involving many rounds of enabling / disabling different JS files, not mentioning the repeated tests required to ensure the page is in working state after disabling JS.

5 minutes is all it takes

This tools takes only around 5 minutes to come out with the list of JS files that you can safely exclude from any page on your site. It also ensures excluding those files won’t result in errors, saving you hours of testing time.

Free to use with complete tutorial

Finding out which JS files to exclude is the first step, the next step is to actually exclude it from your page. The tool comes with complete tutorial on how you can exclude these files on a WordPress setup (spoiler: it’s really easy to do so).

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