WordPress Speed Optimization Service

I Will Speed Up Your Slow WordPress Website.
Guaranteed Results Or Your Money Back.

Slow Websites Are
More Costly Than You Could Imagine

It is proven that, if your site doesn’t load in 3s, you are bound to lose 40% of your visitors. FOREVER!

And starting from June 2021, Google’s PageSpeed score will be closely related to your SEO performance, so optimizing for Google’s metrics has become increasingly important.

I almost never write reviews

I almost never write reviews. However, I was so impressed by Lam’s work that I felt it important to write a review for him. I was a little skeptical that he could deliver what he promised. I was hoping for a small boost in site speed. He exceeded my expectations and then some. Our site is very fast now both on mobile and desktop. Trust him, you will not be disappointed.

Bob, Published on 22nd March 2022


Conversion Rate is perhaps the most important criteria of a website. And speed has direct relationship with Conversion Rate. Don’t let the extra loading time drive away your potential customers.

GOOGLE Ranks Speedy Website Higher

Website speed is so important that, Google has started to take loading speed into account (starting 2011). Want to rank higher on Google? You better increase your website speed!


More and more users are visiting websites from their mobile phones. Yet 73% of mobile internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that was too slow to load. Don’t be the victim.

Load Time Under 3s with
80+ Mobile PageSpeed Score.

Don’t risk losing businesses just because you have a slow website.

You certainly deserve better!

If your website is the backbone of your busines…
let me help you optimize it for the best speed.

At only $99, I guarantee load time of under 3s
Mobile PageSpeed Score of at least 80…
and Desktop PageSpeed Score of at least 90!

And the best part?
You get a full refund if I can’t deliver, simple as that!

Oh, did I mention it only takes 48 hours? 🙂

More Than Just Basic Optimization

When I work on your site, I don’t just do some basic optimization like installing caching plugins or image optimization. You can already do these yourself.

Instead, I use proprietary tools to tackle issues flagged by Google PageSpeed. Such issues include “Remove Unused JS“, “Remove Unused CSS“, “Critical CSS” and “Remove Render-blocking Resources“.

And they don’t call me “WordPress Speed Fanatic” for no reason. I even developed my own WordPress plugins just because there are no reliable plugins on the market that would deal with “Unused CSS”. 

When you purchase my service, you are hiring someone who has been working on WordPress speed for the past 6 years. And the best part? If I can’t deliver the expected results, you get your money back!

From 4 to 87 in 3 days!

Nothing but good things to say about Zippisites services. Communication was clear and fast as well as the turnaround time and the results were phenomenal. Our mobile speed score went from 4(!) to 87 (!!) within 72 hours. Will definitely be using them on an ongoing basis to keep our site running fast.

Robert Santen, Published on 30th March 2022

See Behind-the-Scene of How I Work. 

Wondering how I find out the issues that need to be worked on?

Well, here’s the behind-the-scene of how I begin my WordPress Speed Optimization workflow.

A full website analysis using tools like GTmetrix and PageSpeed Insights can quickly reveals all hidden issues slow down a WordPress website.

Want to get the same insights on your site? Click the button below! 🙂

WordPress Speed Up Service @ $99

No-fuss, Done-for-you Service.
One Flat Price, See Results in 48 Hours!


  • Your website loads in under 3s (verified by GTmetrix)
  • 80+ mobile PageSpeed score (verified by Lighthouse)
  • 90+ desktop PageSpeed score (verified by Lighthouse)
  • All publicly accessible pages will be optimized
  • Access to proprietary WordPress Plugins that solves Core Web Vitals issues
  • Works with any theme and hosting (even shared hosting)
  • FREE lifetime subscription to WP Smush Pro image optimization plugin
  • One-time flat fee, no additional charge, no need for expensive monthly subscription

Google PageSpeed Insights GTmetrix


In general, YES. If you follow my guideline (which will be provided after the optimization is done), your website will maintain its speed.

Adding (or editing) content, installing (or updating) plugins and updating the theme will definitely not affect the speed. 

After the optimization, you can definitely use the site as you normally would.

The only difference? Your site will now be much faster!


To help you maintain the speed, I’ll provide a detailed guidelines of the do’s and don’ts when editing your site.

I am also (always) available for free advice if you see that your site slows down even if you didn’t do anything that could seemingly affect the speed.


See What Website Owners Say About ZippiSite

William Stewart

I could not be any happier

I could not be any happier! Took on trust and this guy delivered beyond my expectations! You will be amazed how much quicker your website loads. More business for us now for sure and it only cost us $100us to get this fixed. Thanks again Lam!
William Stewart, Published on Jan 17, 2022

110% trustworthy

110% trustworthy. I’m really impressed, my website was a mess but Lam was great and I’ve got an excellent result. I volunteered to give this review and asked Lam to send me a link to where I could write it 🙂
Forest Toime, Published on May 25, 2021

Kevin Anderton

12 seconds to 3 second page load in 24 hours

My site has struggled with speed for years, I tried dozens of caching plug ins however the speed every improved beyond 12 second page load. Zippi site not only used a caching plugin they deferred my javascript and css and now my site loads in 3.3 seconds.
Kevin Anderton, Published Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Natalee Chiodo

Super fast service and a great result…

Super fast service and a great result with load times improved dramatically! Awesome work.
Natalee Chiodo, Published Wednesday, October 28, 2020

John Payne

I’m a very happy customer!

Woon Cherk cut the page loading time of my client’s website by more than two-thirds. The site is now much more visitor-friendly, and Google will be pleased!

The price charged for the service was very reasonable. After the work on the site was completed, I was delighted to receive an unexpected bonus- one that was worth more than service I paid for. I will use his service again.
John Payne, Published Monday, September 25, 2018

No B.S – No False Promises & No Hidden Fees

Listen people… This is a No B.S… No false promises service. Let me tell you a little about my journey and you might be able to resonate with it. So i had my site created but it was slow. So i watched a load B.S of you tube videos and tweaked it but no joy. Then I was advised by a web designer that the site is no good and really needs to be created again. Guess what? Being desperate I gave in and paid him over $750.00 and the new site was made. Shortly after, My hosting companies server crashed and the site was not backed up. So I was back to the original site. I just did a simple google search and there I found WOON. His service is impeccable and delivers exactly what he says. Don’t be duped into have a new site created. Contact Woon and have it speeded up and save a fortune.
Thanks Woon!
Osman Ahmed, Published Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Absolutely blown away by the results!!!!

Like many reviewers, I wasn’t 100% what I would be getting. Would this be a scam? Is this guy reputable? I decided to trust the reviewers as I really needed help speeding my site up which recently started barely loading and was receiving a double F score on GTmetrix. True to his word, my site now loads considerably under 3 seconds and I’m absolutely amazed. SO very thankful for the help. If you’re having second thoughts or wondering if this is the right service for you, I promise you can’t go wrong!
Kyle P. Snyder, Published Monday, July 31, 2017

I was a little apprehensive and unsure …

I was a little apprehensive and unsure – don’t be. This is legit. The best $50 you could spend on your site. I’m actually so happy with the results that I’m going ahead and getting the service for my second site. My Wordpress site is still a little bloated (nature of the beast), but this is so much better and lives up to the hype. Thank you!
Adrian Silipo, Published Monday, July 17, 2017

I figured I would get ripped off again …

I figured I would get ripped off again but I was amazed. He did what he said he was going to do and did it quick. I have three more sites that I plan on having him speed up. Great job!!
Buddy Roberts, Published Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Is My Service Suitable For You?
(Short Answer: Yes)

Having optimized more than 800 websites, the answer is YES. I can speed up almost any kind of WordPress websites, even those with WooCommerce and memberships.

My success rate is more than 99%.

And the beauty about my service is, if I cannot work my magic on your site, you get your money back (protected by PayPal).

But I understand if you are still have doubt about my service. Please fill in your info on right, I’ll run a full in-depth analysis on your site and report back the issues that I found that are slowing down your site.

The cost of a slow website is far more than you can imagine. Losing visitors isn’t fun at all, I can help you fix that.

Free WordPress Speed Audit

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you briefly explain what’s the process?

Once the payment is done (by PayPal), you’ll receive a notification e-mail asking for your WordPress website’s admin login. After I’ve obtained your WordPress admin login, I’ll then start a series of analyses, and apply changes accordingly. Within 48 hours’ time, your website will be optimized for speed. If any of the promised metrics is not achieved, we’ll give your money back.

Is my website safe with you?

Yes. I’ll always do a full backup of your website before I start my work. In the rare case that I did anything disastrous, I’ll restore the backup to bring your website back to normal state. In fact, this has not happened even once for more than 600 websites I’ve worked on.

Do you work on my live site directly? Will it need to go down when you are working?

Yes, I’ll work on your live site directly, but it won’t need to go down. The changes I am applying are incremental, so your website will continue to work as it should.

Will my website's design & functionality remain the same?

Yes! After optimization, your website will look exactly like how it looks and works before I do the speed optimization. If there’s a need to remove some elements on the page, I’ll discuss with you and provide advices. I only change the content upon your approval. Example elements are external scripts / widgets, such as those iframe scripts or JavaScript snippets that
you grab from third-party services.

Is it for the whole site or just the home page?

The optimization is for the whole site (all pages), including product & category pages if you are on WooCommerce.

What PageSpeed Insights / Core Web Vitals issues do you fix?

The short answer is – I’ll solve all issues flagged by Google PageSpeed Insights. This includes issues such as Reduce unused CSS, Reduce unused JavaScript, Eliminate render-blocking resources and etc.

Will you get a perfect score with these issues TOTALLY removed? In most cases no, it’s not even possible on a dynamic platform like WordPress.

However, I’ll minimize the impact of these issues such that eventually, Google is going to give you a score of 80+ on mobile and 90+ on desktop.

Do you have a proof of the past results you’ve achieved?

Here are some of my recent optimizations: https://bit.ly/zpsro

Will the optimization last?

Yes, it will, if you follow my guideline. After my job is done, I’ll send over a brief report of the results that I’ve achieved. I’ll also highlight anything you want to take note of to keep the speed.

Do you provide support after the optimization is done?

Yes, I provide support for 2 weeks. If there’s any issue on your site caused by my optimization, I’ll fix it for you and make sure it runs correctly.

Who are you, can I trust you?

My name is Lam Woon Cherk, you can search the Internet for my name. I’ve been in the web designing business for more than 8 years. You can click this link to check my LinkedIn profile. My main company – panoRazzi – has been around for years, and has helped many businesses create their company websites. This WordPress speed-up service just one of the smaller services that I am providing. If you wish, contact me directly at wooncherk@panorazzi.com for a quick chat.

Is there any external services that I need to sign up?

Normally no. If there’s one, it’s CDN service. This is optional and I’ll let you know if it’s needed. A CDN (Content Delivery Networks) is a network of servers (located around the globe) specialized in serving images and other static files. Images / JavaScript / CSS usually makes up about more than 50% of a page’s size. And unfortunately, most traditional hosting servers are poor in serving these files. CDN are created to off-load the delivery of static files, and they are designed to serve these files consistently fast.
If it takes 1s for a traditional server to serve a 500kb file, CDN need only about 400ms to serve the same file. The good thing is, CDN is inexpensive, costing only $3 per month for a website less than 15k requests per month (calculated based on the average page size of 1.5 Mb). **

*Disclaimer* I am a reseller for one of the CDN service. Normal price for CDN service starts at $9 per month. But because I am managing many clients, I can re-sell the service at a smaller block. That’s why you can get the price of $3 per month. Again, this service is optional, and is only required if your server is slow in serving static files.

Is this really going to take 48 hours only?

In most cases yes. But in some cases, there’ll be complication and I need more than 48H to work on the optimization. Please allow up to 72H for the delivery. If I need more than 72H, I’ll make sure I communicate over the situation.