Past Work: Affordable Bed Bug Exterminator

Affordable Bed Bug Exterminators is a team of pest control specialists that provide affordable bed bug exterminator service in Milwaukee.

The redesigned website vastly improved readability and ease of navigation. Special attention was given to refresh CTA buttons to make them stand out.

Key Improvements

Site Header

  1. Contact number looks dull and unrelated to the rest of the website. This is a missed opportunity for a call to action located on prime website real estate. I redesigned it by adding a phone icon and call-to-action message to provide context. I then formatted the phone number with eye-catching highlight color and bigger font size.
  2. Nav bar’s color scheme made it difficult to see and use. I improved readability by changing the color scheme to highlight the text instead of the bar. To improve usability, I added a red navigation guide to indicate which page of the website users are viewing.
  3. The formatting of the text makes it boring and cluttered. The text box placement is problematic as it is on the busy part of the image. I fixed this by placing the text on a clear backdrop and pinning the points to make it look interesting.

Section: Why Choose Affordable Bed Bug Exterminators?

  1. The big blocks of text were overwhelming. We added icons as visual focus points to grab users’ attention and ease them into reading the info.

Section: Services

  1. The small font was hard to read and the white text on pure black background was harsh to the eyes. I enlarged the font size and used dark grey to make the text easy to read.
  2. The shades of the text color, separator and background were too close and looked faded. I improved readability by increasing contrast and font size.
  3. CTA button color was poorly chosen and gave a negative impression. I changed it to a bright color to attract attention. The red color invokes a sense of urgency in the user and increases conversions.

Section: Myths and Facts

  1. This section looked like a boring plain text document. I broke up the linear layout and redesigned it into an engaging and professional-looking infographic.


  1. The logo blended into the background. I added a white background to make it prominent.
  2. Important contact information was small and hard to find. I redesigned the layout and properly integrated a call-to-action along with the contact information. To make it even easier for users to find this information, icons were added as visual anchors.

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