Job Queue Tab

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This article explains the Job Queue tab in CSS Optimizer. Last updated: Dec 12, 2021.

Job Queue Tab

This section lets you check if CSS Optimizer has processed a page’s CSS. You can use this to verify if a specific page has been successfully processed or is still in queue.

CSS Optimizer does not process a web page immediately when it is visited. Instead, the web page is entered into the job queue. CSS Optimizer will then proceed to optimize the CSS in the job queue accordingly (usually within 1-2 minutes).

The Job Queue Tab

Check here to see if CSS Optimizer has processed the CSS file of a particular page.

  1. CSS Name
    The name of the CSS file.
  2. Page URL
    Address of page that loads the CSS file.
  3. Status
    Completed – CSS Optimizer has finished working on the CSS file.
    Pending – the CSS file is waiting for CSS Optimizer to process it.
  4. Created On UTC
    When the CSS file was entered into the job queue.